Dang Quang Tien

Artist Dang Quang Tien was born in 1992 in Ben Tre Province of Vietnam
Tien is a talented and promising young artist of Saigon art scene. He has passionately created numerous artworks while taking his studies at Ho Chi Minh City University of Fine Arts. His passion for art creativity has been formed since his childhood in a family in which no one has interest in the art. Tien has participated in various exhibitions, and has received a Consolation Award from Ho Chi Minh City Association of Fine Arts.

Ideas for Painting

Saigon is a multi-cultural city with many places of interest and luxurious buildings intermingled with the livelihoods of common people and immigrant groups. Along with hectic stream of life, we can find here and there people taking a rest or just a quick siesta, leaving behind all their worries. Many would rest on their out- of- date vehicles which are as close as buddies to them, and these buddies are actually their means for earning their living. These scenes inspired Dang Quang Tien to create his series of “Saigon Siestas” and “Familiar Friends”.