Le Dinh Quy

Le Dinh Quy is a leading sculptor, painter and astronomer of Vietnam
1940 : Born in Thanh Hoa province, Vietnam
Member of Vietnam Fine Arts Association since 1969
Member of Vietnam Astronomical Society

Multiple painting exhibitions since 1969
National Sculptures:
1967: Victory of Nam Ngan
1982: B52 Disaster in Thanh Hoa
1995: Nguyen Trai Statue
1996: Vietnam Air Force sculpture
1997: Air Defense sculpture
1998: Crossroad of Dong Loc
2000: Thang Long Dragon And many others sculptures Astronomy:
Co-Writer of New Hypothesis on The Origin of Solar System
Multiple awards in paintings
His masterpiece “Sky of Dien Bien Phu” is collected by Vietnam Fine Arts Museum
2007: Outstanding National Sculptor Awards in Feb. 2007, awarded by the President of Vietnam