Truong Lo

Artist name is Zhang Lu (張 路). Vietnamese name is Trương Lộ
Zhang Lu is considered one of the masters in Chinese brush painting in Vietnam. Unlike traditional Chinese brush painting where the artists paint from memory and inspiration, seeking to depict the subjects through their inner feelings and life’s philosophy, Zhang Lu adapts his own style to describe life in reality. He travel tremendously to capture images and ideas for his paintings.
Zhang Lu is also very talented in creating lacquer painting. He won a top 3 award in lacquer painting in 2010.

1992: Solo: Exhibition at Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts Association
1995 -1996: Solo Exhibition in Paris and Bordeaux, France
2000: Vietnam-Japan art exchange exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City
2004: Group Exhibition in Laos, Vietnam – Laos Fine Arts Exchange Exhibition
2004: International Exhibition of calligraphy in USA
2006: Solo Exhibition in Taiwan
2006: Group Exhibition “Works of the Creation Group”
2006 – 2010: Group exhibitions in various cities of Vietnam.
2010: Group Exhibition “A Touch of Vietnam 2” in Singapore
2001, 2005, 2007, 2008 and 2010: Zhang Lu was awarded top 3 art prizes in different art competitions in Vietnam.
2005: Won the excellent prize at “International Competition of Poetry, Calligraphy and Seals for Chinese artists” in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.